Zoom Logistics

We are going to be using Zoom as our primary platform for the conference. Before the conference, each delegate will get 3 links: one for Opening Ceremonies, one for their specific committee, and one for Closing Ceremonies. Our technology staff can assist you so that the transition between calls and meetings is smooth. We strongly urge delegates to use Zoom on their computer (you may have to get Zoom app or the Zoom extension on Chrome) because on mobile devices, you cannot simultaneously video call and chat with the meeting participants. Additionally, please reference the SDMUN Online Code of Conduct, which can be found here.

Points & Motions

When the chair asks for points and motions, a delegate can raise their hand in the "Participants" section to offer one. Once the delegate is called on by the chair, the delegate may say their point or motion.


Similarly to the motions/points, during a vote for a resolution, amendment, or motion/point, delegates will vote for/against using the raise and lower hand feature.


Unmods will take place in breakout rooms in Zoom. Blocs wishing to be put in one breakout room can say so, using the chat or participants option on Zoom. We urge delegates to let the chairs know if they have a preference for other delegates they desire to be with in an unmod beforehand in a private chat to the chair!


To pass "notes", delegates can use the chat option in Zoom. Here, delegates may chat with other delegates one on one (private) or with the whole group with they wish to make an announcement to. Delegates can also send notes to the chair, as well as amendments to resolutions through the private chat option with the chair.


Resolutions can be made in Google docs, and the link can be shared through the chat feature in Zoom. Document links can be shared to everyone in a bloc during breakout room unmods. Resolutions, after being submitted, can be presented using the "Share screen" option in Zoom. *Make sure to turn link-sharing on for google documents so that your bloc members can edit the resolution and the chair can also*