How will the conference work?

The conference will take place on Zoom, a virtual call, meeting, and messaging platform. Delegates will get a Zoom link for their committee shortly before the conference.

How will we be able to point/motion/vote?

Delegates will be able to use the raise hand function to raise points or motions, as well as non-verbal feedback that is available on Zoom to to vote.

How will resolutions be written and presented?

Resolutions can be written in google docs, and the link to the docs can be shared with people via the chat rooms on Zoom. Chairs must be given editing access to resolutions, to ensure that all work on resolutions is original and done during committee sessions.

How much does SDMUN cost?

SDMUN is absolutely free! There is no cost or fees for attending the conference.

Can I still participate if I live in a different timezone than the conference is set?

Yes! As long as you can attend the conference at the equal time in your time zone as the time EDT, you are all set to attend! If you are in a different timezone, here is a timezone converter to help you easily navigate conference.

Do I have to wear Western Business Attire?

We would like all participants to wear Western Business Attire to the extent that is needed on Zoom, but if you are unable to have access to Western Business Attire at this time, it is fine if you do not.

How will unmods work?

Each bloc wanting to be separated will be put in a Zoom "Breakout Room" for the duration of the unmod, where they can write and draft resolutions and talk over video. We ask that you privately message the chair before the unmods begin, stating who you'd like to be in an unmod with, so that we can arrange the breakout rooms. A staff member will be present in each breakout room during unmods.

How will awards work?

We will be giving out a Best Delegate, an Outstanding Delegate, and a Honorable Mention award. We will also be giving out an award for the best position paper written and submitted in each committee. The awards will be announced during closing ceremonies. Participation certificates can be given upon request. To recieve a certificate, delegates will be sent an email after conference, with a form to submit. Delegates must submit the certificate request fom to recieve an award.

Are position papers required?

Position papers are not required, however we still encourage delegates to write and submit them, as it allows delegates to put their research into writing, and better prepare for conference.

How will I know what is happening during conference?

There are a few things that can help you better understand what is happening. Firstly, SDMUN uses MunCoordinated to screenshare motions, caucuses, and speakers lists. Secondly, SDMUN has our rules of procedure available on our website, to explain how committee will function. If you are still confused, we reccommend looking at our MUN guides available on our website as well. For even more information, check out our resources section on our website.

Can beginner delegates attend SDMUN?

Of Course! SDMUN trains all of our staff to be able to help beginners through the challenges of Model UN. Our beginner delegate MUN guide is also a great resource to help beginners learn the structure of committee.