Meet Our Secretariat!

Anjali Agarwal

Secretary General

Anjali Agarwal is 15 and is from Massachusetts, USA. She has done Model UN for 3 years and has participated in a myriad of conferences, both physical and virtual. Anjali has served on the staff and secretariats of many virtual conferences, and served as the Secretary-General of SDMUN II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII (Director General of SDMUN I). In her free time, Anjali can be found binge watching political dramas, participating in climate activism, volunteering for political campaigns, or reading true crime novels. She is so happy to be a part of the SDMUN team and looks forward to seeing everyone on conference day!

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Nathaniel Dvorkin

Director General

Nathaniel Dvorkin is a 16 year old from Massachusetts, USA. Only starting MUN this last year, Nathaniel was thrown into the virtual circuit and most of his MUN experience has been during this time. He has served as the director general of SDMUN III, IV, V, VI, and VII (and director general internal of SDMUN II). Apart from MUN, Nathaniel is involved in his school's student council. In his free time, Nathaniel can be found binge watching a new TV show, reading, or cooking at home. Nathaniel is so excited to be a part of the SDMUN team and making it the best conference it can be. 

Marie Adele Grosso

USG of Media and Marketing

Marie Adele Grosso is a junior, she’s been doing Model UN for eight years. She’s passionate about journalism, social activism, and the environment. She's happy to be a part of the SDMUN team and looks forward to seeing everyone at conference!

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Sumana Surisetti

USG of Logistics

Sumana is a 15-year-old sophomore from Massachusetts, USA. She started MUN last year and she is very passionate about it, being especially involved in the virtual circuit. She is also a part of her school's science olympiad team and is involved in many climate and social justice organizations. In her spare time, Sumana likes to play the piano and read comics.

Carissa Kanae

USG of Academics

Carissa Kanae is a sixteen year old from Hawaii. Though her MUN journey has been only a short year or so, she’s found herself intrigued by the global politics discussed in committee sessions.  She enjoys playing music, listening to music, and folding origami.  She looks forward to SDMUN VIII.