Model UN Resources

Model United Nations is a unique experience that involves debating world topics while debating from a specific stance/position. This position can be either a country, person, or anything in between, it all depends on the committee you are placed in. Below linked are some resources that will help you familiarize yourself with parliamentary procedure, assist in research, as well as other important resources, such as a position paper, that you will need to prepare before a model united nations conference. Happy researching, and good luck delegates!

Best Delegate - If you're new to Model UN, or even if you're experienced, there's bound to be something here for you. From parliamentary procedure to writing the perfect position paper, Best Delegate can guide you down the right path. 

All American Model UN - All American is a website that has many free resources that can help all delegates, and they also have fun articles with tips and tricks, MUN Conference Stories, and much more!

CIA World Factbook - The CIA World Factbook will definitely be useful when you begin to look up your country profile. It's full of facts and statistics that pertain to your country.

Wikipedia - Wikipedia may only be a somewhat reliable source in general, but it's often very useful if you need to look up country relations with two specific countries or if you need a simplified general overview of your topic. Use with caution.

Us! - We're happy to help you if you have any questions at all about Model UN in general. Email or DM @socialdistancingmun on Instagram if you have any questions, and we will answer as fast as we can!